A1 Security Guard Services

A1 Security Guard Services

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Our mission at AruGuard Security is to deliver the highest level of service to our clients whilst offering a complete cost effective Security Solution. GUARANTEED TO BEAT ANY QUOTE! For more information contact us on 0800 028 1513 or email us with your enquiry to info@aruGuardsecurity.com

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What are security guard services?

Aruguard Security delivers premium protection services for residential and commercial properties. Service options include Security Guard, Concierge, Loss Prevention, Mobile Patrol, and Parking Enforcement. Our Guards and Management concentrate to deliver the highest level of service quality through comprehensive training and the application of advanced technology.

We provide a range of security services

Protect yourself and your business with Security Guards
A1 Security Guard Services
Security Guard Officer

As an established elite security company, we are well positioned to deliver the necessary support for our clients’ operations.

A1 Security Guard Services
Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response

Security guards must remain alert, looking for anything out of the ordinary throughout their shift. In case of emergency, guards may call for assistance from police, fire, or ambulance services.

A1 Security Guard Services
Commercial Property Security

We offer a broad range of security products to help improve your overall security. Product ranges include access control, CCTV and perimeter security.

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Online Applications Preferred

Online Applications Preferred With the COVID-19 crisis, A1 Security Guard Services Aruba currently prefers online applications in order to practice social physical distancing and slow the spread of the virus. We will conduct virtual interviews and facilitate virtual on-boarding as well. Once you are contacted, an HR Specialist will provide you with details of our virtual recruitment process.

Security guards services can include:

  • Protect and enforce laws on an employer’s property
  • Monitor alarms and closed-circuit TV cameras
  • Control access for employees, visitors, and contractors
  • Conduct security checks over a designated area
  • Write comprehensive reports outlining what they observed while on patrol
  • Interview witnesses for later court testimony

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A1 Security Guard Services
A1 Security Guard Services
A1 Security Guard Services

Security Guards Responsibilities:

  • Make themselves visible
  • Be on the alert and vigilant
  • Act quickly in a crisis situation
  • Observe and report
  • Follow procedures
  • Receive visitors and guests

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